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Brand Neusense - ABOUT US

Brand Neusense is not only home to your favourite brand name designer clothes, but we are completely fanatical about discovering the design superstars, fashion gurus and killer brands of the future.

Brand Neusense (Brand New Sense) is a fashion retailer like no other. No seriously, our raison detre is shaped by one simple belief that is at the core of everything that we do - fashion is driven by personal identity and at Brand Neusense our identity is shaped by you!!

Brand Style

Style is about feel, style is about creativity, but above all else - real style is all about individuality and expression. That is the Brand Neusense mantra and will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Brand Design

On the design side, we accept that certain big named clothing brands have over the years become synonymous with a certain look or quality. However, as individual as you the people wearing the clothes are; there exists a rich and vast pool of design talent out there which should be made infinitely more accessible. Brand Neusense scours the planet for "hard to find" and sometimes exclusive fashion labels for you!!

Showcasing Brand You!!

In terms of showcasing clothing brands, we believe that there is a no better form of approval than by you our customers and patrons. We are definitely of the thought that celebrities being paid tens of thousands of dollars or pounds to wear certain clothing brands (some which they would otherwise have not necessarily chosen to wear) can form a somewhat spurious endorsement.

Brand Celebrity

We at Brand New Sense are certainly not anti-celebrity. Indeed, we embrace the culture of cool and absolutely recognise the sprinkle of glamour that celebrity news and gossip brings to all our lives.

However, why not shake up the accepted dynamic! At Brand Neusense we believe in breaking the mould and our passionate belief is that celebrities can be inspired by us too!

Brand Future

The dawn of a Brand New common Sense towards celebrity, fashion and branding is upon us. You the people are our true inspiration. We never cease to be compelled by the wonderfully interesting and funky people who have inspired us down this road of what we have come to know as Brand future.

That will always be the Brand Neusense focus and for that reason we feature modeling, reviews and interviews, both by you and about you, our fabulous community.

The power shift is truly underway!!

Become part of the Brand Neusense mission and community.

Stake your claim and shape a Brand Neu Sense future!

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