Bench Fashion Accessories for Men & Women

Bench has long been known for its clothing pieces for men such as shirts, sweats, jackets, and tops. Through the years however, this mens wear brand has developed into an urban lifestyle with a broad collection of fashion pieces appealing to the urban culture.

Now, alongside its collection of streetwear and fashion clothing is just about anything you need to accessorize an otherwise dull attire–caps and hats, unisex belts, and all-around bags. Aside from these, Bench also takes pride in manufacturing other fashion accessories such as clutches, scarves, gloves, wallets and socks, making Bench Clothing pretty much your one-stop shop for all your fashion needs!

Bench Fashion Accessories

Check out these Bench fashion accessories we now have in our catalog! Get them before supplies run out!

1. Bench Tron Pencil Bag. New in from Bench Tron Pencil Bag, this is a great present for anyone just starting school or college. It has a prominent Bench logo on the front and has plenty of room inside. It could also be used by you ladies out there as a make up bag! Hurry before they all get snapped up.

2. Bench Lambswool Scarf in Black. Beautifully soft ladies scarf that is certain to keep your warm in our Winter Months. Features prominent Bench logo and is available in three colours.

3. Bench Freshman Wallet in Khaki. Brand new Freshman Wallet, compact in style and featuring unique wrap round velcro fastening. Great to be used as a credit card and note holder.

4. Bench Darwin Scarf in Brown. Brand new in this week, Heavy knit ribbed scarf from Bench. Unusual style from Bench this is a very plain scarf small subtle logo on the bottom of the scarf. Great for our all year round cold weather there is also a matching beanie.

5. Bench 3-Pack Ankle Socks for Women. Bench ladies ankle socks come in packs of three and colors grey, black and white. Limited stock only!

6. Bench Tuck Glove in Brown. With our Winter weather continuing these gloves are perfect, they have a quirky design and will definitely make you stand out. They are quite long in design so they will not only keep your hands toastie warm but also half of your arm, making sure none of that cold Winter weather gets through. They are covered in soft angora wool and feature a small Bench tag on the right glove. They have matching accessories available.

7. Bench Tron Wallet in Black. Just arrived Bench unisex wallet. This wallet features a large red applique logo on the front of the wallet, the velcro opens up and features plenty or room for all your credit cards, coins and notes. It also features a more secure zip pocket on the back of the wallet. Would be suitable for both Men and Women.

Bench Caps for Men and Women

Male or female, Bench caps are just some of the practical fashion pieces that can instantly turn around a normally drab outfit! And not only that, Bench caps shield the sun away from your eyes; gives you an instant disguise if you want to keep your face low profile, or keep your hair neatly tucked in a pile.

At BrandNeuSense, we have a varied selection of Bench hats, beanies, caps and even Bench knit hats which will be perfect for however you feel that day. With the neutral colours these Bench caps come in, you can literally match them with just about whatever you have on! Fashionable, comfortable urban street wear are but some of the things Bench hats are, and the Bench brand is known for.

Bench Caps

Show off your style, keep the sun away, keep a messy head of hair from being noticed, and simply be fashionably you. Check out these Bench hats for men and women we currently have on stock!

1. Bench Darwin Earloop Beanie in Brown. Perfect for our ever cold British weather where it’s practically winter the whole year, lol. This beanie is slightly longer to keep your ears just as cosy. Ribbed beanie with small leather Bench tag on the front.

2. Bench Pleat Cap in Khaki. This style of cap is a must have at the minute, we have limited stock. So get one while you can. The cap has lovely detail and subtle Bench logo just off centre.

3. Bench Balloon Beanie in Brown. Cute and cosy Bench beanie featuring a funky graffiti style design. If you love this design then check out other ladies products it has a matching scarf and mittens, and you can find this design on other ladies products t-shirts, caps and wallets.

4. Bench 5 Panel Logo Cap in Khaki. Bench 5 panel print basketball cap featuring a velcro logo detail right across the front. One size fits all with adjustable rear strap, perfect if you want that relaxed but rugged street wear look.

5. Bench Tuck Beanie in Brown. Beautiful beanie partly made from angora wool. Soft to touch and cosy for your head. Features small bench tag on the side of the beanie creating a tuck on the side of the beanie making it a little bit different. Available also in Stone (cream/dirty white)

6. Bench Free-style Cap in Black. This Cap from Bench is a great for you outdoorsy types. This cap is water resistant, features a toggle at the back of the cap to help alter the cap size to fit any head and I think my favourite feature built in ear muffs. This is one practical cap.

7. Bench Tuck Beanie in Stone. Beautiful beanie partly made from angora wool. Soft to touch and cosy for your head. Features small bench tag on the side of the beanie creating a tuck on the side of the beanie making it a little bit different. Available also in Brown.

Bench Belts for Men and Women

Fashion belts are great pieces to accentuate any plain get-up for both men and women. Unlike women, however, men have limited accessories to choose from, and belts are one of them. Bench belts, while also wearable by women, are most especially made for urban and rugged fashion that most men dig. These mens belts are just about the right accessories for daily street wear with its unique metal and rubber buckles, ribbed and distressed straps, and neutral solid colours.

Bench Belts for Men and Women

Check out these five fabulous cargo belts by Bench we currently have in our catalog! Some of them are on sale, so hurry and get yourself one!

1. Bench Tiger Belt in Khaki. Ribbed belt with metal rivets and two prong buckle with embossed Bench logo.

2. Bench Taffy Belt in Brown. Great distressed belt with double pronged buckle, and featuring Bench logo placed across the back of the belt.

3. Bench Snap Buckle Belt in Stone. Comes in cream, with basic snap shut buckle in matt finish.

4. Bench Rubber Coated Belt in Brown. Plain in design and features the Bench logo on the buckle. The buckle is matte brown and is rubber coated.

5. Bench Rubber Coated Belt in Black. Plain in design and features the Bench logo on the buckle. The buckle is matte black and is rubber coated.

Bench Unisex Bags and Everything Bench

We’re on the second week of our Bench month, and this week we feature some of Bench’s best selling, all around bags! What we really love about these Bench bags is their urban feel that doesn’t seem to get out of style, making them the kind of stuff that you can carry whenever, wherever. Made with high quality material perfect for a relaxed or even for a rugged lifestyle. The Bench bags carry your items well–comfortable and fashionable to carry your stuff in, but strong enough to hold them in without falling apart so easily.

Bench Bags!

Check out these awesome best-selling Bench bags that we currently have in our catalog:

1. Bench Small Day Bag. Great canvas Bench bag perfect size for all your everyday essentials. Features secure double popper front flap, with internal zip pocket ideal for keys etc. Also has a small internal pocket great for your mobile phone.

2. Bench Road Day Bag in Grey. Would be ideal for college or uni students. Features adjustable shoulder strap, large pocket on the back of the bag, large internal pockets, and several smaller pockets including a zip pocket. Makes for a practical and stylish bag, great for everyday use. Available in other colours.

3. Bench Small Pinstripe Bag in Green. A popular alternative to the pouch bag, this new season satchel style bag is great for everyday use. With the quirky pinstripe design and Bench sunrise logo on the front, it features an adjustable shoulder strap and small internal zip pocket, with secure popper flap keeping everything inside safe. Available in two colours Green and Grey.

4. Bench Camo Girls Handbag. Bench Camo girls handbag with double carry handles, featuring Bench logo and small button pocket on the front, with internal zip.

5. Bench Fresh Record Bag in Navy. Fantastic bag from Bench ideal for school or college. Great buckle flap front with bold bench logo, featuring a padded adjustable shoulder strap, secure zip and velcro pocket within the bag. This bag is also designed with the idea of security if you bike to work or college etc. On the back of the bag it features another buckle strap, this can be used to go around your waist for extra added security.

6. Bench Tron Pencil Bag. Originally intended as a pencil case/bag, but can be used as an all-around purse too. It has a prominent Bench logo on the front and has plenty of room inside. Think make-up bag for women, or utility purse for men! Hurry before they all get snapped up.

7. Bench Small Road Day Bag in Grey. Great canvas Bench bag perfect size for all your everyday essentials. Features secure double popper front flap, with internal zip pocket ideal for keys etc. Also has a small internal pocket great for your mobile phone.

Bench Jackets and Everything Bench

Bench jackets are made from lightweight fabric, making them the perfect choice for outerwear. They are versatile that you can combine them with your blah shirts and make a fashion statement just by wearing them! It is an outfit in itself, just pair them with some of the hottest designer jeans and you would be ready to raise the temperature in the room in no time.

Bench jackets have this subtle emblem and an appeal which makes you think that everyday is a day on the runway. Tailored perfectly for those who like their street wear chic and fashionable. For ladies, pair your Bench jackets with mini skirts and you will surely be the center of attention.

Bench Jackets

Check out these awesome Bench jackets we currently have on stock. In the next few weeks we will be featuring some of the hottest items from Bench, our brand for the month of February.

1. Bench Zip-Thru Sweat in Black. We have finally got Bench Clothes. This classic zip-thru has been reinvented by Bench lots of times, and is still as popular. Classic sweat with applique logo on the front and large applique branding across the back of the collar.

2. Bench Kill Zip Thru Hoodie in Washed Black. Great men’s lightweight hoodie, classic simple style with the zip slightly off centre. The Bench logo runs directly down the middle, although they have stuck with the usual branding large and prominent, they have been slightly more subtle and kept it the same colour as the hoodie. Fleece lined with elasticated cuffs and waistband.

3. Bench Scenic Jacket in Grey for Ladies. Retro two tone jacket in purple and grey, lightweight water resistant jacket great for all those festivals and perfect for shoving in your bag just in case!. Practical and fashionable, the sleeves have Velcro on them to adjust the tightness of the sleeves, it has a drawstring around the hood again to make it tighter if necessary, and a funky double zip neckline with applique Bench logo. Great Jacket for our very British weather.

4. Bench Zip Thru Shell Jacket in Brown. Tech detailed, short length Bench jacket, with zip up neck and wide roll-up hood and Bench logo on chest. Perfect as a lightweight summer jacket, ready for all those festivals!

5. Bench Hilton Bomber Jacket Green. Fantastic new bomber jacket with a retro twist. Each Jacket has been treated with a special process, therefore giving rise to irregularities this then makes each garment unique. The treatment means the jacket has a waxy texture and an old skool feel. Contrasting zip colour and Bench logo helps in it’s retro mood.