Rolling Stones sell out

After more than four decades in the music business, the Rolling Stones are still going strong with their July Hyde Park concert tickets selling out in just a few minutes.

The public devoured the 65,000 tickets in just under an hour after the ticket promoter opened this morning. Promoter Rob Halett is overwhelmed by the fans’ reaction.

He stated: “We sold 65,000 tickets in the speed the system could handle it. If the system could handle it in seconds, we would have probably sold out in seconds.”

“The band wanted the regular ticket-holders to be right at the front of the stage staring at the whites of their eyes, not 200 yards away,” he commented with regards to the issue of the tickets not being categorized.

He added: “The people who have coughed up for hospitality packages will get looked after in a way they have never known before. But when the doors open, if you can run faster than the next guy, it will be like any other general admission gig. You will get down front.”

Mick Jagger was very much flattered by the reception f0r their comeback concert, but has been having troubles with his patented Moves Like Jagger Dancing. He revealed:  “I just have to train a lot and keep really fit. I want to do these moves, but I can’t do them because if I did, I’d probably s**** up. You just got to do what’s within your capabilities. I don’t want it to look wrong, so I’m going to stay within my boundaries.”

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