Yorkshire Fashion Week on the Rise

The Yorkshire Fashion week is coming up and it opens its doors to the region’s university and colleges. The event is produced by Textile Center of Excellence in Hudersdfield on June 26.

Yorkshire provides most of the textile used by big names in fashion including Chanel, Prada and D&G to drop a few. Currently 40,000 employees benefit from the industry.

This first ever fashion week promises ‘to rival the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London.’ The event boasts of Yorshire’s very own textile industry that provides down-to-earth designs distinctive of the county’s character.

Co-presented by Yorkshire Forward, with Welcome to Yorkshire and Kirklees council and Stillfast UK, the fashion show will showcase the varied talents of homegrown manufacturers and designers. Watch out for these rising stars Christopher Baileym, Bruce Oldfield, Giles Deacon, Mary Benson, Jamie Stewart and Kevan Jon as they display their creations in the fashion shows.

Christopher Bailey, the creative director for Burberry supports the effort saying, “As a Yorkshireman I feel incredibly proud to be associated with such a fantastic initiative and expression of Northern, British talent and one that really reflects the heritage the county has always had in textiles, design, quality and creativity.”

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